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Giant City Lodge Policies

We’re delighted that you’re considering Giant City Lodge for your special event.
The following is designed to help your planning and answer questions regarding our services.

The Lodge offers complimentary private space upon availability most
Sundays after 4:30 p.m. thru Friday up to 4:00 p.m. - 30 guest minimum preferred.
Friday after 4:30 p.m. thru Saturday - 35 guest minimum required.

Parties receving complimentary privacy are subject to one master bill.

An advance deposit may be requested to secure your event date. Events cancelled will forfeit deposits.

Please contact the Lodge, at least 4 days prior to event, with a guaranteed number of guests. If not we will consider the former number indicated as the guarantee.

Groups under the minimum food service criteria should expect additional charges or pay the difference based on the per person plate charge.

Services & Rooms

Specific room location requests will be noted but not guaranteed.
Private rooms are assigned at the Lodge's sole discretion.

Table linens and skirting may be provided, when ordered in advance, for an additional charge.

Bartender service can be provided for all events at no additional charge.
However, host is subject to taxes and gratuity added to the charges on open tabs.

The Lodge will provide all food and beverage served, with the exception of wedding cakes and occasion cakes, at an additional fee.

Recommendations are available for photographers, videographer, florists, and bakers.


Anything hung, taped, tacked, etc. to ceiling, walls, doors requires prior approval.
Confetti, glitter, crepe paper, or unprotected candles are not allowed as acceptable options.

Birdseed and bubbles are permitted only outdoors 15 feet from entry.

All decorations, gifts, and cakes must be cleared away immediately following the event.

Concluding the Event

Payment is due at the conclusion of the event, unless credit has been arranged in advance.

Events should be scheduled and are expected to vacate prior to our 10 pm closing.

It is a violation of the Illinois Health Code to allow any food or beverage to be packaged up after an event and taken off premises. Any remaining food or beverage prepared by the Lodge remains the property of the Lodge.

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